Frequently asked questions

1) Why order on Mykpoplove?

We sell really nice kpop items. We carefully pack all goods and send fast ^_^
Our customer service is here to give an answer to all your questions.

2) How does it work?

You choose the items you want: product, quantity... After choosing your products you order and pay it on the site - then we send package to you.

3) How to order?

Choose some goods, click order, fill order information, pay the order.

4) Is Mykpoplove secured?

Of course! Every payment on our website goes through secured payment systems such as Paypal network. In addition we use an SSL certificate(Secured Socket Layer) on the website. SSL certificate insures that all the data you use on Mykpoplove are encrypted and not kept on our servers.

5) Is the delivery free?

Yes, worldwide delivery is free.

6) How much days does the parcel need to be ready?

Usually the parcel is ready to be sent within 3 working days.

7) How long should I wait for my package?

The average duration of delivery is 2 weeks, but it depends on your location, how fast post and customs work.

8) If I do not understand something, something went wrong, what should I do?

Do not panic, everything is under control :) You can always write to our email - we will answer all your questions within 1 working day. We are always in touch, we do not have weekends and holidays, we are happy to do best for you! ❤